Spring Time

We are now into September, Spring is on the way. The rains will come and the flowers will grow. The weather is warming up. The Grade 1 – 7 girls will now just wear their dresses, not shirts and tracksuit pants.

Thank you very much to all the Gr 3 and Gr 4 families who provided eats for our cake sale. Also thank you to everyone who bought some cakes. The amount raised was R5 615-50.

The girls in Gr RR to Gr 4 next year will have their stationery bought for them. The school will order the necessary items in bulk. We request that you pay R500 for your child’s 2016 stationery, on or before 17th October 2015. This amount can be paid at the office or via EFT with your daughter’s reference number and “stationery” (e.g. ABC000-stationery).

Our Grade 1 to 7 girls will be writing ANA papers for Language and Mathematics from Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th September 2015.

Our Senior Primary Sports Day is due to take place on Wednesday 23rd September. All parents are invited. All the Gr 4 to Gr 7 girls may come to school dressed in their P.E uniform, tracksuits and takkies. They may bring their school hats and water bottles. If your daughter has a doctor’s certificate and may not participate please write a letter to Mrs van der Merwe.

Girls wishing to show their support of our South African teams may wear any South African sport shirt or green and yellow clothes and pay R5. There will be 2 Springbok civvies this term.
Friday 11th September
Friday 18th September
It is not compulsory to wear civvies on these days but you must pay R5 if you do.

Exciting news! There will be a SP Concert at the beginning of the 4th Term.
Thursday 15th October is the Gr 4 and 5 show.
Friday 16th October is the Gr 6 and 7 show.
Monday 19th October is the Gr 4 to 7 show so it will be longer.
All shows start at 6:00 pm sharp and the first two are about an hour long. Tickets cost R30 and will be on sale from Monday 14th September. No children are allowed on laps as it isn’t fair to the people behind you. You have to pay and book tickets for a certain night, as each night has different colour tickets.

Heritage Day is on Thursday 24th September. It is a public holiday.

Friday 25th September is a school holiday.

The Interhouse soccer will take place on Thursday 1st October from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

On Friday 2nd October the school will close for the holidays. JP classes will close at 11:00 am and SP classes will close at 11:15 am. Aftercare will close at 4:00 pm