Exam time, Budget meeting & Market Day

Dear Parents

It is hard to believe that we have begun our fourth and final term of 2014. The last term of the year is always a very busy one with work to finish off and many activities and functions taking place.

Some of our staff as well as our Grade 4 to 7 girls will be writing exams this term and we wish them all the best.
The Grade 4 to 7 exams start on Thursday 6th November and finish on Wednesday 19th November. During this exam period the girls may leave every day at 2:00 pm to go home and study. However, if they are not staying at school for sport they need to tell their coaches.

The Budget for 2015 together with the financial report for 2013 will be presented to the parents on Wednesday 19th November 2014 in the School Hall at 6:00 pm. It is vital that parents attend this meeting in order to approve school fees for 2015.

Our Grade 7 girls will be having a market Day on Friday 24th October. They will have stalls and sell items that they have made or bought or they will have a fun activity for the girls to do. Gr R to Gr 6 girls will have an opportunity to purchase items from their stalls. As it is a fun day all girls may wear civvies to school. Girls, please bring all your coins in your money purse around your neck.

Please note: Parents of children who have left aftercare without written notice or are not allowed into aftercare due to non payment will still be liable to pay and will be handed over to Stowell & Co at the end of 2014. To avoid legal action please submit notice in writing and settle any arrears.

Please can Grade 5 girls bring a 9 or 10 pack of toilet rolls (Twin Saver or similar) to school.

Please parents advise the school in writing if your daughter will be leaving our school at the end of this year. We are already having enquiries for places at our school in 2015. As we have 3 classes from Grade 1 to Grade 7 there are no places for new children unless present children leave our school. A reminder to our present Grade RR and R parents that your fees must be up-to-date to secure your daughter a place for next year.

Nearly all families have someone or know of someone who has cancer or has died of cancer. During October we are allowing our girls to show their support for those with cancer by wearing a pink ribbon to school. The ribbon will be sold at school. The cost will be R5 for a long piece for their hair.

We wish all our Hindu families a very happy Diwali.