Cross-country run, Family and Casual Day

On Friday 22nd August 2014, we will be having our Annual Cross Country run at school. The Grade R to Grade 3 girls will run their races at 10:00 am and then go back to class and continue with their normal classroom activities until 12:30 pm. The Grade 4 to 7 girls will start at 10:30 am and will finish school at 1:00 pm. All girls from Grade R to 7 are participating and must come to school dressed in their P.E. clothes, tracksuits and takkies. If your child is unable to run, please send a Doctor’s certificate or a note to the class teacher. Parents are welcome to come and watch and cheer the girls on.

Our next cake sale will take place on Wednesday 27th August. The Grade 3 and 4 girls will be supplying the cakes.

We are having a Spring Walk at school on Saturday 30th August. The Spring Walk is our fundraiser as well as the day when all our staff, girls and their families and friends have a fun-filled morning together. Tickets for the walk are R10 per person. After the walk, refreshments will be sold. There will be lots of fun activities like face painting, Junior and Senior Interhouse soccer, Spring Hats, Miss Spring competition, jumping castle and Tombola.

On Friday 5th of September, people in the work place and at school will especially remember those people that have disabilities; the blind, the deaf, the crippled etc. Any children and staff who want to support this cause by buying a R10 Casual Day Sticker may come to school dressed “casually” and wearing their stickers. St Christopher’s School is a beneficiary of Casual Day and we will support them by buying stickers from them. For each sticker purchased their school gets R4-00. The rest of the money goes directly to NCPPD who are responsible for Casual Day. Children may order Casual Day stickers from Miss Meyer (Gr4). Money can be sent via your daughter in her homework book (R10 Casual Day). Buying a sticker is not compulsory, but only those who have a R10 Casual Day sticker may wear casual clothes (civvies) on Friday 5th September.

‘Millions of people miss out on today because either they refuse to let go of the past or they worry about the future.’