Circular 2/2016: Policy Evening & More

Parents, these are very important class meetings to meet your daughters teacher and hear about the work and requirements of the grade. Well done and thank you to those parents who made the effort and commitment to attend. All parents please ensure you read the Policy Evening documents. Check and sign homework books regularly and respond to teachers requests for interviews, completing forms, absentee notes etc.

This group meets on Tuesdays from about 7:15 am to 7:30 am in the school office block. All parents are invited to attend. Parents, our school really appreciates your prayer. If you can’t make the meeting please pray for us at home.

Thank you to all parents who have already completed the forms they received and have returned them to their daughter’s teacher. To those that haven’t , please read the forms carefully and ensure that they are fully completed. Please note, if you have only one daughter at Longmarket she is the ‘eldest’ at our school. Please fill in alternative Emergency Contact details as they are vital when we can’t get hold of you for some reason.

This contract must be filled in by all parents regardless if you have already paid in full or if you might get a school fee subsidy.

Please consider that you enrolled your child at Longmarket for the school’s present standards and what it offers now. The Governing Body has set the school fees at R13 000 per learner for 2016, to meet the financial costs of running the school. We therefore require all parents to be united and committed to paying fees, to ensure that Longmarket continues to be the fine school that it is at present. Parents who genuinely require assistance with their children’s schooling must submit a written request for a subsidy application form. Once the school has received your personal written request for a subsidy for school fees, you will receive a sms with your unique reference number to personally collect and sign for the form. Please note: Forms will not be sent home via your daughter or accepted via your daughter or any other relative.

The legal document for Subsidy requests must be completed and signed by both parents and both of you are responsible/liable for the education of your daughter and the payment of school fees. If both biological parents don’t fill in the form your application won’t be considered. If a parent is deceased, a copy of the death certificate must be attached. Parents, please be warned about supplying false information and forging someone’s signature. Parents you cannot expect to keep on receiving a subsidy and make other parents pay fees for your child as well as theirs. The school will also not be able to do things like fix computers, maintain the pools or pay extra teachers.

a) Payment is due before the 7th of the month for school fees.
b) Cut off for submitting Subsidy forms is by 12 o’clock on Friday 26th February 2016
c) Cut off for receiving discount for paying fees in full is Monday 29th February 2016. Any payment after this date will not receive the discount.
d) It is wise to keep all payment receipts, check tellers slips and read and respond to sms’s.
e) Please! We are losing a lot of money for cash deposit fees. So no cash into the bank please. MONTHLY FEES TO BE PAID BY CELL PHONE BANKING, EFT OR STOP ORDER.YOUR CASH DEPOSIT FEES WILL BE DEBITED TO YOUR SCHOOL FEE ACCOUNT

NOTE: Please don’t ignore school sms’s take them seriously. If you have a query about it, contact the school.

In order for the school to pay Aftercare Supervisors, we require registration forms to be completed by all learners attending and fees must be paid timeously i.e by the 7th of every month.

On Friday 12th February, we will be having a Valentine’s Market Day. The Grade 6 girls will be running stalls. All the girls from Grade R to Grade 7 will be allowed to visit the stalls, to purchase items and take part in the fun activities. Parents, please encourage your daughters to find their school money purse and to start saving their R1 and R2 coins. As it is Valentine’s day, anyone who wishes to dress up in red, white and pink clothes on Friday may do so.

Parents please endeavour to get your daughter to school timeously. School starts at 7:40 am. If they are late they interrupt the secretaries and their class or assembly. We realise that sometimes you have to rely on school transport or lift clubs. Please chat to the driver if your daughter is getting to school late, as they might not be aware of it. Parents please also endeavour to collect your daughter timeously after school, sport and Aftercare. Aftercare finishes at 5:15 pm sharp. Aftercare parents are fined if they come after 5:15 pm. Children who don’t attend aftercare shouldn’t be at school after 3:30 pm when sport ends. If they haven’t been collected at 5:15 pm you will receive a R100 fine. Parents please speak to your children about sitting and waiting quietly in the car park so they don’t miss their lift. If they wait in the car park they must have something to do quietly e.g. homework, book to read, colouring in, word search etc. Grade RR and R girls may not wait in the car park after 1:00 pm and Grade 1 and 2 girls may not wait after 2:15 pm. They will be sent to Aftercare and you will be charged the casual day rate of R45.

Squad swimming and extra lessons finish at 2:30 pm. Those children may walk up to meet their lift waiting in the road. If their lift is not coming early they must go and join Rounders or Ball Skills.

Parents we do our best to ensure your children’s safety and we need you to help us. Children must wait for their lifts behind the palisade fence in the car park. Parents of Grade 1 to 3 girls please refrain from going to your daughter’s classroom before school. Any parent wishing to communicate with their child’s teacher may do so via the homework book. If you need to speak to the teacher or have made an appointment please report to the office and don’t go straight to the classroom. The teacher will then be notified. No parents or strangers should be wondering around our school. If you are coming to the school shop please inform the Secretaries and don’t just walk straight through the foyer.

We are concerned about the safety of your child coming and going from school. Parents please ask your child about the number of children in their lift and how the driver drives etc.

We will only take girls on school trips or to play sport at another school if they are covered by your medical aid or by the Personal Accident Insurance for learners from MARSH. The Insurance and Netcare 911 cost R164 (R130 + R34). If you would like insurance please pay R164 to the office as soon as possible.

We are asking every child to contribute one cake of Dettol/Protex antibacterial soap and a 9 or 10 pack of toilet rolls (Twin Saver or similar) for the year. We cannot store everyone’s toilet rolls at once so we will let you know when it is your daughter’s grade’s turn. Thank you to the Gr RR’s, Gr R’s and Gr 1’s who have already brought. The rest of the Grade RR’s, Gr R’s and Gr 1’s please bring now. All grades can bring their soap now.

Life is like a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us – L.Thomas Holdcroft

Yours sincerely