Book Viewing, Parent Support & The School’s Birthday

It is hard to realise that half the year has flown by.

Thank you to all parents who attended the Book Viewings. Please take note of all the marks and comments on your child’s report and discuss them with your child.

Please can Grade 6 girls bring a 9 or 10 pack of toilet rolls (Twin Saver or Similar) to school.

Parents please ensure that your child is correctly dressed, has packed everything she needs for school and arrives timeously. Kindly supervise your child’s homework and ensure she packs away afterwards so no books are left at home or even lost. Please also check on your child’s manners, respect, attitude and self discipline as this affects her progress at school.

Please continue to collect all cardboard, plastic, paper, magazines, newspapers, cans, milk/juice cartons and polystyrene for recycling at school.

Our Junior Primary children love to draw and practice their news, stories, sums and phonics on scrap paper. Please send any old computer paper and scrap paper from work for the junior primary girls to “recycle”.

Thank you so much to all parents who have had their Makro card linked to our school and have been shopping at Makro. As a result we received a lovely rebate from Makro of R6 038-20. We have 759 girls and just over 100 parents shop at Makro with cards linked to LGS. Imagine if a few hundred more joined and shopped what a lovely rebate we would get.

On Friday 1st August , LGS will be turning 124 years old. Girls will receive a packet of nik-naks and a splash. They may bring a picnic lunch. Girls that bring something for the Tombola stall may wear civvies on that day.

Thank you to our Grade 2 and 6 girls for the eats for our Cake Sale. The amount raised was R6 364-45.

Parents please remember to shop at the Scottsville Mall and to keep your till slips and to send them to school.

This Saturday, 2nd August, Peter Pan School is having a Family Fun Day. It starts at 9:00 am.

“Do not judge others, so that you may not be judged yourselves… in accordance with the measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you.” Matthew 7 vs 1-12