Book Viewing, Fundraising, Winter Uniform & More

Thank you to all who attended our Book Viewing. It was really good to see so many interested, supportive parents. Please take note of the comments on your child’s report and discuss them with your child. See that they do all their homework and they learn for tests.

Our Water Fun Days raised R14 131-10. All the girls seemed to have a great time.

Instead of class swimming lessons there are now P.E lessons. Please check that your child has P.E. clothes that fit her comfortably and plain takkies/running shoes (white or predominately white. No black). Please ensure that your child packs her marked P.E kit on the day she has P.E and sport and make the necessary transport arrangements. Girls may not leave the school grounds or go to the shops without wearing their socks and school shoes/takkies.

Please can the Grade 4 girls bring a 9 or 10 pack of toilet rolls (Twin Saver or Similar) to school.

Fees are due to be paid by the 7th for the current month. If you don’t pay by the 7th you will receive an sms. This means 11 payments from the 6th January to 6th November. Many parents haven’t paid any school fees so far this year. As per the Agreement to pay school fees; “if you should fail to pay the school fees after a period of 3 months” your account will be handed over to the lawyers. Parents please make sure that you pay something towards your child’s fees, even if you are waiting to hear about your subsidy request. Please take note that subsidies are not bursaries and if your child does receive a partial subsidy it means that other parents are then contributing to your child’s educational costs. Please note, our school cannot afford to have its capital for running expenses drained by the payment of subsidies. Parents please don’t pay cash into the bank because for every R1 000 cash paid in, the charge is R17-80. If you continue to pay by cash the charge will be debited to your account.

The girls may choose to wear their winter blouse from Monday 4th May. The blouse isn’t tucked into the tracksuit pants and may be worn without the tracksuit jacket. Blouses are available from the clothing shop at R110.

Your child is required to be at school every day, in class or in Assembly by 7:40 am, the official starting time of our school. The Education Department has instructed schools to ensure that learners arrive at school timeously as well as attending school regularly. Parents please try and make appointments after school hours and only ask for your child to leave school early if there is an emergency. Your child should also attend school on the last day of every term as learning and assessing takes place right until the end. Whenever your child misses a day’s school a letter or note in the homework book is required.

Please discuss with your daughter who is fetching her and at what time to avoid anxious girls worrying the secretaries and making unnecessary phone calls at the school’s expense. We are also concerned about some of our girls that use transport/lift clubs that are regularly dropped off late for school and others that have to try and squeeze into overcrowded combi’s in the afternoons. Please tell drivers your child’s name, surname and class. Please ensure that your child is picked up timeously from the car park. The school gates are closed from 14:15 – 15:15 for sport.

Parents, we are concerned about the many “near” accidents. Some of our girls dash across the car park to their lifts without worrying about moving cars. Drivers turning right out of the gate often nearly hit walkers and even passing cars. During busy times it would be safer going left and round the block. Bad driving and parking also endanger the lives of our girls.

A reminder about school photos being taken on Wednesday 29th April and Thursday 30th April. An A4 photo package consists of 1 x A5 enlargement, 2 x jumbo photos, 1 x ID strip of photos and 1 x A5 class photo. The package will cost R35. If you require just a class photo on its own it will cost R20. SP Sport team photos and Senior photos will cost R20. Please send your money for the set of photos or just a class photo as soon as possible. Individual photos will only be taken if the money has been received.

It is World Book Day on Thursday 23rd April 2015. Reading is vitally important for your daughter to really excel at school and in life. As a family everyone should spend time reading the newspaper, magazines and books. Read to your younger daughters and encourage your older daughters to extend their reading. This will foster a love of books, develop their word recognition, fluency and broaden their vocabulary as well as improving their sentence construction, grammatical awareness and writing skills.
So READ! READ! READ ! Whenever you can.

Monday 27th April is Freedom day.
Friday 1st May is Workers Day