About Us

About Us

Longmarket Girls’ Primary School is a unique girls only school catering for girls from Grade RR to Grade 7.

About UsWe offer a structured, well balanced, rounded educational programme. We have excellent facilities boasting both a senior primary media centre, a junior primary library, a computer centre and music room. On the sport side we offer basketball, volley ball, netball, tennis, hockey and soccer. Added to this we also offer swimming, accommodated in a junior and a standard size pool. Optional private music and ballet classes are available after school hours.

For convenience we have our own clothing shop. For working families, the school has aftercare facilities to look after children who need to wait until late.

We have a team of enthusiastic, dedicated teachers and teacher aides who provide quality education. Furthermore for girls with learning difficulties we have a Tutor Satellite Centre based at our school.

Longmarket prides itself on being a caring school and we try to live by our motto of “Loyalty, Honour and Truth”. Our aim is to prepare and equip our young ladies for their future by ensuring that they acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to become the best that they can be.

Our Mission Statement

about-us-girlWe at Longmarket aim to create an effective and efficient school by:

Giving due consideration to the needs of learners and providing them with the relevant education to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to meet the challenges of the future.

Promoting sound educational management, professional expertise and administrative competence in running our school.

Committing ourselves to adopting the principles of the constitution and the South African Schools Act in a fair, democratic environment by upholding the school motto of “Loyalty, Honour and Truth”: respecting and being sensitive to all religious belifes and cultures.