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SP Concert A Success, JP Awards And More

Our Senior Primary concert was amazing and was enjoyed by young and old alike. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and came and supported our girls. It was a huge success and we raised R25 935-90. A special thank you to the producers Miss S. Meyer and Mrs A. Pieterse and their pianist Mrs M. Cole-Edwardes for the sterling job they did. Thank you to all the SP teachers and their girls for their hard work and sharing their talents. It was also great to enjoy the talents of 3 old girls :- Samee’a Sooliman, Zazi Kunene and Minenhle Phetha

The Junior Primary Teachers have been preparing their classes for their award ceremonies. All Parents are invited to attend their daughter’s award ceremony.

Tuesday 24th November:
Grade RR Awards Ceremony at 8:00 am
Grade R Awards Ceremony at 9:30 am
Grade 1 Awards Ceremony at 11:00 am

Wednesday 25th November:
Grade 2 Awards Ceremony at 8:30 am
Grade 3 Awards Ceremony 11:00 am

We encourage all Junior Primary Parents to support their child’s Award Ceremony as it means so much to them.

Our clothing shop will be open on these mornings, especially for you.

A reminder to all Gr RR and R parents, Grade R girls wear different T-shirts to the Gr RR girls and Grade 1 girls wear dresses. Please visit our clothing shop this year to avoid being in a long queue with our new children in January.

Shop Times:
Tuesday 7:15 am – 8:00 am & 12:30 pm – 2:15 pm
Thursday 12:30 pm – 2:15 pm

Special extra times:
Saturday 28th November 2015 7:30 am – 12:00 noon
Friday 8th January 2016 7:30 am – 12:00 noon
Saturday 9th January 2016 7:30 am – 12:00 noon

Our Annual SP Sports Awards will be taking place on Thursday 26TH November from 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm.

Friday 27th November, we will be collecting grocery items to make “Thank-you Hampers” for our General Assistants. Please send biscuits and other suitable items on that day.

A reminder about stationery for next year Gr RR to Gr 4 parents for 2015, please pay your R600 by 28th November so that your daughter can receive her stationery on the 1st day of school next year. The closing date was the 17th October 2014.

The budget for 2016 together with the financial report for 2014 will be presented to the parents on Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 6:00 pm, in the school hall. It is vital that parents attend this meeting in order to approve school fees for 2016. The 2016 budget is available in the Bursar’s office for perusal.

Parents who don’t have anyone to look after their children may bring them to school. Senior Primary girls will be shown a DVD in the Senior Primary Aftercare room and JP girls in the Junior Primary Aftercare room.

We are now looking at applications for Grade 2 to 7 in 2016. It is therefore vital to notify the school in writing as soon as possible if your daughter will be leaving our school at the end of this year as that will create a vacancy.

All outstanding aftercare fees must be paid by Friday 7th November. Handovers to our lawyers, Stowell and Company will be on the 27th November 2015.

The following Aftercare fees have not been allocated:
RCA25009 7100/000 Ned16030008 (AFTERCARE)
RCA 25774 7100/000 MKLEOMJAMS L004AC

School fees need to be paid up by Friday 7th November as handovers to our lawyers, Stowell and Company will be on the 27th November 2015. Please ensure that all your fees are paid.

School Fees Received – UNALLOCATED as error references were used.

Date – Reference Used – Amount
30/04/2015 – NGCOBO – 1000.00
15/05/2015 – Z NXUMALO – 1100.00
09/06/2015 – CASH – 370.00
07/07/2015 – ZAHRAH ZIYAN SAYED – 2000.00
24/07/2015 – SANZA – 1077.27
18/08/2015 – MRS PATRICIA LORRAINE – 900.00
28/08/2015 – MKOLO – 3000.00
29/08/2015 – A PILLAY – 1100.00
01/09/2015 – 825158580 NOLUTHANDO MKHIZE – 1000.00
08/09/2015 – 1372016953 – 2000.00

“Develop the attitude that there are more reasons why you should succeed than reasons why you should fail.”